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Steps for Creating a QDRO
Preparing a QDRO for court-approved signature consists of a few easy-to-follow steps. Fidelity's QDRO Center helps you through the process. Using the QDRO Center, you will be able to:
Review the Plan's Rules and Procedures
Prepare a draft Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Review the draft Qualified Domestic Relations Order with your client, or your legal and financial advisors
After you review the document, you will need to:
Execute the Qualified Domestic Relations Order and file it with a court of competent jurisdiction
Forward a certified copy of the Order to Fidelity
When the certified copy of the Order is received by Fidelity, Fidelity will:
Review the document to determine if it meets the requirements of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Advise all parties of the order's status and, if qualified, provide information to the Alternate Payee about how to access his or her award.

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